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New ebook coming soon

Stay tuned. I have some new ebooks ripening on the beanstalk and I hope to release several of them this summer. Be the first to get a crack at them.

Here’s a hint:

The Vine that Ate the South
The Vine that Ate the South

The Veil

The Veil is a spell that was constructed to keep out those who would kill and eliminate the fae outside its borders, and to repel those who fell outside of Mundane reality through a pill or a bottle or a smoke with no training and guidance on their own side.  It was concocted by all the fae who could see the value of protection and who wanted to live in a certain amount of peace in their long lives.

As the Veil and the spell that sustains it unravel, more and more of the denizens of Fiction, the HyperDimension, Cyberspace, and even Mundane will be coming to call.  The Twilight Lounge may become very crowded, especially if Belle is not there to ride herd on the cats that hang out there. The Twilight Lounge is not properly part of Faery or any of the other dimensions, but is a portal, a nexxus for moving from one to the other, and possibly other destinations.

The Fae occasionally brought someone across, or went slumming themselves, but for the most part, the Veil between Mundane, HD and Faery was solid and useful. Some of the Fae stayed too long in Mundane, and died, but others found a way to live here permanently, in a pocket world called Mundance–a muse-ical typo that has happened enough times to make it come true. From my perspective, all the urban fantasy genre comes from Mundance–a little bit of Faery encapsulated in the fossilized amber of Mundane. What happens if the Veil completely unravels  remains to be seen.

Maven LIVES!

Maven Fairy Godmother: Through the Veil Book 1
Maven Fairy Godmother: Through the Veil Book 1

After many years of work: brainstorming, laughing, writing, rewriting, adding, cutting and polishing, Maven Fairy Godmother: Through the Veil is live and available through MuseItUp Publishing for $5.95 in all e-reader formats.

Maven is that everywoman of a certain age who feels that her life has passed her by, and that she has no options, especially since she is too broke to pay attention. When she gets a job interview call on her dead cellphone, however, things start looking up–who would have thought about becoming a fairy godmother?

But things are not well in Faery, and the more Maven learns, the deeper in she gets. HEre’s a sample:

“Be careful what you ask for,” Maven said, “You just might get it.”

The girl stared at Maven for a moment. She held up her fingers and started counting. “I just want to have (one) the fabulous, romantic evening with (two) the beautiful clothes and (three) the lovely music and (four) the elegant food I didn’t have to cook.” Wistful hope shone on her face even behind the calculations of exactly what kinds of fun girls just want to have. She stuck out her thumb and added, “I was very careful.”

Who’s Maven? Why a Fairy Godmother?

May years ago I was whining about teaching English in a community college, and I said that I felt like I had a lot of toads that I was supposed to turn into princes and princesses.  I felt like a Fairy Godmother.

I’ve always loved fractured fairy tales, since I also felt like the ugly stepsister, or the chubby brunette sidekick of the gorgeous blonde–if she would even acknowledge my presence…so finding fairy tales for fracturing sounded like a great idea.

I was newly single in those days, so I decided it was finally time to start my writing career and Maven Morrigan was born.  She started off in a computer bulletin board shared story, but she soon morphed into something else, an alter-ego and a way for me to stop telling my life to shrinks and start making story out of it. Most of what happens with Maven is true, except that it didn’t happen in just that way to those people in that order.

So I started writing little scenes, short stories, but they all sounded like chapters, and as my patient friends read them, they laughed in the right places, but they kept asking how Maven became a fairy godmother. So, despite the prevalence of prequels, I wrote the first part of the story first: Maven Fairy Godmother–soon to be published one way or another. I am hoping to hear good news from my agent, Jeanie Pantelakis, any day now. You can read an excerpt on Amazon.

This blog will be about the parts of the stories that haven’t worked themselves into a book yet, and may not ever. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about wishing, getting wishes granted and in short, being my own fairy godmother.