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New ebook coming soon

Stay tuned. I have some new ebooks ripening on the beanstalk and I hope to release several of them this summer. Be the first to get a crack at them.

Here’s a hint:

The Vine that Ate the South
The Vine that Ate the South

The Veil

The Veil is a spell that was constructed to keep out those who would kill and eliminate the fae outside its borders, and to repel those who fell outside of Mundane reality through a pill or a bottle or a smoke with no training and guidance on their own side.  It was concocted by all the fae who could see the value of protection and who wanted to live in a certain amount of peace in their long lives.

As the Veil and the spell that sustains it unravel, more and more of the denizens of Fiction, the HyperDimension, Cyberspace, and even Mundane will be coming to call.  The Twilight Lounge may become very crowded, especially if Belle is not there to ride herd on the cats that hang out there. The Twilight Lounge is not properly part of Faery or any of the other dimensions, but is a portal, a nexxus for moving from one to the other, and possibly other destinations.

The Fae occasionally brought someone across, or went slumming themselves, but for the most part, the Veil between Mundane, HD and Faery was solid and useful. Some of the Fae stayed too long in Mundane, and died, but others found a way to live here permanently, in a pocket world called Mundance–a muse-ical typo that has happened enough times to make it come true. From my perspective, all the urban fantasy genre comes from Mundance–a little bit of Faery encapsulated in the fossilized amber of Mundane. What happens if the Veil completely unravels  remains to be seen.

Where is Faery?

Little Girl Fairies
Little Girl Fairies

Where is Faery? Does it appear like Brigadoon every 100 years? No, it overlays Reality just the way Reality underlies Hard Drugs.  Like Cyberspace, which  exists only in imagination but flows through physics, Faery is real,  except physics applies in Faery only when everyone present agrees that it does.  Faery exists just as Fiction does, except it lives by mutual consent not of the readers, but of believers who nail their suspenders of disbelief to the World Tree Yggdrassill, right beside the runes that surround the electric lime Jell-O.

The Twilight Lounge exists in a separate dimension, not actually in Faery, as those of the mythological persuasion believe, nor Cyberspace despite the presence of the KELVIN, yet further away than just beyond the projection room wall in the Café O’Lay, day and night spot of Due Now, SC.

It’s not even part of the HyperDimension where the mind goes out-of-body or some just go out-of-mind, aka Head Diving, Has-Been Depot, Hell’s Detention, or just Hard Drugs for those who can’t handle Reality

Let me explain what Faery is. Reality is the perceived interface of the Four Multiverses:  what you call Reality is the Accumulated Perspective of the Multitude, HyperDimension is where imagination flows along with chemistry, and Cyberspace is where imagination flows along with physics. Faery is imagination flowing around chemistry and physics through the quantum depths of the Collective Unconscious.

There are rumored dimensions of Calculus, much like the domain of the Mathemagician where Milo negotiated for the return of Rhyme and Reason, and Academia where training is all and results are none, where beings pray to the Muse to deliver them from the horned and tailed bearer of  Death, the Count of Accountability, a scythe-bearing  skeleton who drains the red blood to fashion it into blackened, dried representations of causes, effects,  analyses, and responses.

In Faery,  the spark between two separated quarks charms the strange landscape,  colors and flavors the neurons and lets the mind spin in just the right angle to do the timewarp shuffle and take that step to the left to see the wonder of “what if” and “I wish.”